Dj Rap & David Boomah - Let It All Go - Propa Talent

Published on 2 March 2024 at 03:36

Hot on the tails of her hit single featuring General Levy at the tail end of 2023, Dj Rap pulls no punches in her
first release of the new year while bringing along the incomparable and massively talented David Boomah for a
fierce, face twisting roller coaster for a selector for all DNB loving Junglists to appreciate.

Dj Rap “The Queen of DNB” We all know and love has carved an illustrious career spanning decades grinding a
path like no other that has given so much to the music we love while also receiving accolades a plenty, both of
which dictate that legendary status.
Championing the sound since its inception and now creating a new doorway for her music with the ever popular `Propa Talent` label and brand.

David Boomah as Rapper and vocalist is currently carving himself a similar path, where he is now a go to artist
in Jungle & DNB. Starting out as a Reggae artist, before finding ground in the drum and bass scene.


Multiple releases have followed including his huge No.1 Song with Shy FX “Who Run TIngz”
All leading to this the latest effort and now first time exclusive collaboration with the Most enigmatic Drum and
bass act on the circuit.

Not only that but we’ve covered all bases here, Want the full vocal onslaught for the dancefloor and radio show.

You got it! Want something a little more stripped back, We have a dub mix. And for those instrumental Djs we
got you covered also.


Dj Rap `Let It All Go` is a track to help you lose those inhibitions in the club and just dance your heart out to its most
courageous content.

David Leads in the intro around Raps echoing Synth work, His angelic voice courses through your body as we
build to the drop and Dj Rap lets the drums and basslines go full pelt. Whiplashing you forward and back again.


We are then treated through numerous sections of the track that, one minute make you screw face, before the
second minute dropping into pure euphoria.

Dj Rap & David Boomah- Let It All Go is released exclusively on Beatport, Apple & Spotify March 8th and
everywhere else March 22nd