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Ruti - Lungs (Calibre Remix)

Ruti, an emerging artist whose track "Lungs" has been reimagined by none other than Calibre, a legend in the drum and bass scene. The collaboration blends Ruti's ethereal vocals and haunting melodies with Calibre's signature production style, creating a mesmerizing fusion that is both fresh and timeless.

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Shy FX

Shy FX, is a British DJ and producer from London. He specialises in drum and bass and jungle music.Shy FX's debut record was "Jungle Love", released in 1992 on the Permission to Dance label.

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Bru-C "Family Only"

Bru-C, the renowned British MC, has once again captured the essence of his dynamic and spirited style with his latest album, "Family Only."

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G.T.A - Future Legends LP Part 2

Grand Theft Audio are very proud to have helped start the careers of some very prominent members of our Drum & Bass community, providing a first home for V Recordings superstar Sl8r, Shogun, Ram & Metalheadz alumni Data 3, international trio Sola [Eatbrain, ProgRam, Formation], Jungle Cakes signees Charlie B & Jfal, and dozens more.

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