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CLIVE MEAKER is a Bristol-based Artist-Producer with a long history of creating ‘Dirt & Soul’Music and Art. For this exclusive track, Clive teamed up with CELESTINE, the awesome frontlady of their award-winning Drum & Bass Live Act DR. MEAKER, to create “ONE DROP".

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The Vibe City project.

22 artists, 21 tracks, 4 singles and 2 huge compilation albums spanning release dates across 2 whole monthsThis project was put together to not only bring to light new artists we were so excited to try and release with but also wanted to show the range of the label and destroy any miscommunication that it ran as 1 single Drum & Bass Sound.

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Hologram - Carry On/ Shell

Hologram, one of the most exciting Drum & Bass trios on the planet. Hologram is the combination of Degs (Hospital Records), De:tune (Ram Records) & Citrusfly (Pick ‘n’ Mix/ Dub Damage), 3 friends from Horsham who started making tunes together during lockdown to ease their collective boredom.

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Fred V & Grafix : Drum and Bass maestros

Fred V & Grafix are remarkable talent's in the world of drum and bass. With their captivating melodies, infectious rhythms, and emotive compositions, Fred V & Grafix have established themselves as true maestros within the genre. 

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Kowta & JLEON - Alternate

Alternateis a preview single for the forthcoming EP, DystopianResonancebyKowta.This tune however is a collaboration with a frequent co-conspirator of Kowta’s, namely JLeon.

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DJ Rap

DJ RAP, has been the undisputed queen of the turntables and voted the number one female DJ in the world!

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Dope Ammo

Originally starting from humble beginnings, Dope Ammo (or The Drunken Masters as they were known back then), began their journey in the in mid 90’s as a collective of night club promoters who in 1998 switched their efforts to production.

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Beat-Herder 2023

Beat-Herder, the weirdest, wildest and most joyous party in the UK festival calendar, returns for 2023, running from Thursday 13th - Sunday 16th July.  Described as ‘the best party of the Summer’ (The Mirror) and ‘One of the best 100 events in the world’ (DJ Mag) Beat-Herder’s reputation precedes it as a haven of hedonistic joy. 

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