The Vibe City project.

Published on 8 September 2023 at 03:13

The Vibe City project.

22 artists, 21 tracks, 4 singles and 2 huge compilation albums spanning release dates across 2 whole months
This project was put together to not only bring to light new artists we were so excited to try and release with but also wanted to show the range of the label and destroy any miscommunication that it ran as 1 single Drum & Bass Sound.

Dirtbox covers the whole spectrum of our beautiful music genre we all love and we felt it was time to dedicate some time to the Liquid drum & bass followers and bring them something quite special, and rather epic.

After months of set backs, re-dos and “fuck it” days, The project has finally come to life and has reached the time to get it released to the masses, after 6 months of planning through artists, distributors, press and an amazing set of bespoke artwork.



1/ “Kusha- Come Back To Me”

We kick off LP 1 with a huge one. This not only is the first single released as a sampler of the album
(Out August 11th) but has recently been selected to appear on BBC Introducing in July of 2023.
Within days it was then also selected as BBC West Midlands track of the week and was played 5 days
on the trot by Rakeem Omar on the BBC Breakfast show on West Midlands radio.
Phenomenal work and lots more in store with this release as its seriously blowing up for everyone
who hears it.






2/ “Varkid- Cold Heart”

A staple of Dirtbox Recordings and one of the most exciting new producers out there currently drops a brand new vocal monster for the album we had to sign. We fully expect this one to smash the absoloute granny out of any dance.





3/ “Erbass- Approved Character”

We received this one on a sneaky demo of tracks from
young Brazilian producer Erbass, and was instantly blown
away by its euphoric nature and Brazilian beats that even
Marky would be proud of.
This one flows from roller, to liquid and back to euphoric roller again as a total stand out track on
both albums.





4/ “Sicknote- Back To Ya”

If you are familiar with The Hastings, UK or Toronto,
Canada DNB scene then its given you have heard of Chris
What surprised us on the submissions of his tracks was
that they are liquid. considering this guy smashes out
some of the more party sounds we think he absolutely
nailed this one so much we had to sign a second track
from him. which you`ll be able to check out on Part 2




5/ “Abidance- Anomalies”

When a good friend who is already an outstanding producer in Drum & Bass approaches you with a secret project and wants you to be the first release under that. Of course we had to oblige.
Abidance drops an epic debut taking you on a journey of emotional and euphoric beats and hard as
nails percussion patterns to give this one a flavour like no other track on the release.





6/ “Dj Komatose feat. Laura Proudman- Give you Everything”

Birmingham born and bred Dj Komatose has been making some serious noise since the end of 2021 when he broke out from the ranking of the new talent scene in Birmingham to be one of the cities most prolific producers since the pandemic.
Another track carefully selected from an insane demo list of destroyers for the dance floor.
This will not be the last time we hear him on Dirtbox, that's for sure.




7/ “Sigmus- Storm”

Following on from last year's hit release the “Primal EP” in 2022 on Dirtbox, Guildford native Sigmus returns with a 180 on his previous showcase delving deep into his repertoire of styles, Sigmus tells us the style and sounds he producers will always just depend on the mood.
I guess on this day he was in the mood for an `epic DNB` as well as, echoing piano and vocals.

He had a Number 1 hit on his mind we think.






8/ “HighThere & Mc Zee- Forever”

A collision of 2 cultures, 2 countries and 2 sounds. Berlin producer `HighThere` teams up with 2023 Canadian MC of the year `McZee` for this beautifully composed vocal liquid track that fills delivers a
huge message with its vocals as well as beats.





9/ “Spoompi & Composure”- Profit

We find ourselves now on the penultimate track of the album where we take you to West Coast USA, Los Angeles based Spoompi teams up with Dirtbox producing veteran Composure in San Diego for this amazing male vocal track thats been causing a lot of mischief so far across the pond.
A beautiful track with a huge focus on its sound design and accessibility for the dancefloor. A stand out for sure.





10/ “Puzzled- Flow”

We end Volume 1 of the LP with one of 2 track we have
signed from this european producer currently based out of
Amsterdam netherlands.
Already a string of huge releases under his belt. Flow
encompasses a barrage of many genres within the drum n bass spectrum and somehow puts it all
together perfectly.







11/ “Exclusive album Mix by Sub:Liminal

And finally if all that music was not enough straight from his release on UKF sub label Pilot. Romanian Producer Sub:Liminal drops a huge mix of all tracks for us exclusively on the release.





1/ “Beskar- Listen”

Kicking off Volume 2, No stranger to A Dirtbox release and now hot on the trails of his debut release with `Ram Records` sub label `Program` Beskar returns with this super synth laid epic feel good Liquid roller to start us off.
A number of acoustic instruments can be heard throughout this one as Beskar truly shows the range of his sound design and structure in 1 single track.






2/ “TRCD- Phoenix VIP”

Most notable for his tearing Neurofunk on Dirtbox and sister label `VTO Records` TRCD returns to us with something a little different.
A beautiful toned down and revamped retake on a classic Dirtbox track that has a lot of meaning throughout and for TRCD personally.
A great return to the label under a fresh name change with a fresh take on one of his greatest tracks ever.





3/ “Kleu- Lost“


An act we were so keen on featuring on this label that we got it done in the last hours of putting this one together.
And I'm sure you will find it was worth the wait.
Kleu debuts on Dirtbox for what hopefully won't be the last appearance with a sub bass like only they do. and an atmospheric monster of a summer smasher. simply titled.. Lost.





4/ “Puzzled” Two Spirits”

European Produced Puzzled features again as one of the few producers on this project to showcase 2 tracks and what a special 2nd track this is.
Echoing vocals and shuddering stabs and bass sounds fill out the drop with an absolute triumphant single that fills out a room with some of the most beautiful sounds ever heard in a liquid track.





5/ “Lee UHF- Ellie”

Label owner Lee UHF pins in his own slab of Liquid Drum & Bass flavour with his hit Ellie that was featured earlier on a release through the Cities EP series.
Written and produced before the turn of 2020 this quickly became a tribute to his young daughter born the same year due to the meaningful lyrics and fun drop.






6/ “Skuff feat. Skandal- Legends Told”

The Duo of Skuff & Skandal debut on the label with the lyricist Skandel providing the thought provoking words to a groove ridden liquid belter from Skuff.
An awesome guitar solo takes centre stage to the intro before Skandel delivers his important message.






7/ “Sonication Feat. Rheo- Hide The Lies”

Sonication, formerly Boom of `Bally & Boom` fame brings his new sound to Dirtbox in the form of the second single from the project featuring the vocal talents of Warwickshire singer Rheo.
Both producer and vocalist work seamlessly throughout this one with epic strings and chords building into a crescendo where Rheo takes centre stage to below a beautiful rendition of the chorus.
Pianos and a naughty Sub base carry you out of the vocal before pulling you back in again for an epic breakdown and momentous drop in this 2023 DNB anthem.




8/ “Sicknote- Corner Of My Mind”

Another one of the few who teased us with a single from these compilations but also Sicknote’s 2nd
track on the LP series.
An eerie synth and vocal take this intro into the Piano led build dropping us into a bass down low
moment for the drop.
More instruments cascade around this one as we hear Trumpets and symbols through the mid
section driving us out to some amazing synth pad work that is screaming play me at a festival.





9/ “Sigmus- Searching”


Doubling up on tracks yet again on the EP we have a familiar face on Dirtbox, None other than Guildford
resident. Sigmus
Sigmus covers the entire spectrum of DNB, producing everything from commercial rollers. To dutty Tech and now Liquid. It all depends on how the mood takes him Searching is a simple and effect effort from Sigmus that shines bright right in the centre of the LP with its beautiful synth work and percussion.






10/ “TaiJinx- Not Enough (Composure Remix)

Composure drops another flavour this time in the form of a Remix.

The San Diego native has captured Los Angeles based DNB DJ / Producer Taijinx’s original track with his own take and stamp on a nice dark roller and turned it into an uplifting masterpiece of instrumental sounds and vocal.





11/ “The Fi5th- VJC”

You`d not be wrong in seeing the name and wondering how this would work on a Liquid DNB album.
The Fi5th afterall is very well known for his tearing, fist pumping Neurofunk heaviness so to have a track on a liquid Drum & bass compilation could cause quite a stir,
But he pulls this one off in style with his well known string sounds just layered differently now with an alternatively made key to the bass we know and love.





12/ Exclusive album mix by Ire

And we complete this final round of tracks with none other than Hospital Records signee. The mighty Iyre.
Fresh off his tour of the world Iyre puts the tracks together with great ease to give you a fantastic take on the music laid in front of us seamlessly put together to listen to as a whole and as it should be.

Dirtbox Recordings is a Birmingham UK, based label focusing on bringing in new producers to the scene with a core-ethic of `anything goes Drum & Bass` from Neurofunk & Tech, Liquid & Rollers


Kusha- Come Back To Me - Album Sampler 1 is out August 11th
Sicknote- Corner Of My Mind- Album Sampler 2 is out August 18th
Sonication feat. Rheo- Hide The Lies- Album Sampler 3 is out August 25th
Kleu- Lost- Album Sampler 4 is out September 1st
Vibe City Volume 1 is out September 15th
Vibe City Volume 2 is out September 29th


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