Hologram - Carry On/ Shell

Published on 25 August 2023 at 00:42

Hologram, one of the most exciting Drum & Bass trios on the planet. Hologram is the combination of Degs (Hospital Records), De:tune (Ram Records) & Citrusfly (Pick ‘n’ Mix/ Dub Damage), 3 friends from Horsham who started making tunes together during lockdown to ease their collective boredom.

Flash forward 2 years and the trio have releases together on Ram, DeVice, Spearhead and the massive Pakistan Charity LP: Floodlight which raised tens of thousands of pounds for vulnerable people. Their style is a mash up of elements from all over the spectrum of DnB, encompassing multiple vibes and styles as well as showing off their combined music knowledge and engineering skills. 

Now onto the tracks. The A Side, Carry On, features up and coming songstress Karina Ramage (Hospital/ DnB Arena/ Soul:vent/ Liquicity) whose defiant tone perfectly accentuates the cinematic intro before soaring to match the energy of the drop, hand in glove. This one is as versatile as they come, suitable for dancefloor, neurofunk & jump up sets with its superb sound design and endless double dropping potential.

On the B side, the lads switch things up, taking the aggression down a notch in favour of layers of melodic content over a chugging dancefloor bassline and punchy drum work. The sound design walks the line between beautifully refreshing and reassuringly familiar, as they put their unique Hologram spin on the classic dancefloor sound. The result is one of the best dancefloor tracks of the year, guaranteed to get clubs jumping all over the world.