Anvo // The Beginning EP

Published on 28 January 2024 at 23:43

"IN:DEEP Music is going into its tenth year and since Austrias capitol Vienna has always been a hot bed for some fresh Drum and Bass 2024 will be The Beginning as his debut EP's name implies, for a new artist and to continue the labels mission to keep pushing fresh talent - Anvo!

At only 18 years old he is already one of Vienna's freshest outputs and definitely hot to watch! Entering the international stage with a smooth three track liquid EP.

First, the entree NIGHTWALKER. This very flavourful serenade feels like a late night walk through the city. Fast paced and alot going on in the back but it actually feels more like it is slowing things down.

Complementary to the starter the smooth feeling silkyness of ENTRANCE pulls you into its colourful profile and encompasses you with warmth from the inside.

The third part DREAM WAVES has a certain angelic feel with its playfully sprinkled chimes. Best described as elevating, this tune takes you to a serene and dreamy place far away.

Expect a lot more to come from the IN:DEEP camp for the celebration of its first decade of existence aswell as Anvo who has a big bag of tunes coming your way soon!"

Release Date : January 10th, 2024

Catalog Number IN:DEEP045

Label: IN:DEEP