Dj Rap & General Levy - Life Of The Party

Published on 14 November 2023 at 05:38

Only a few occasions in a lifetime are we lucky enough to bear witness to a team-up of the most epic
proportions you never deemed possible.
A collaboration so special, they truly are always the Life of the party.

They are General Levy and DJ Rap!

Dj Rap. The first lady of Drum & Bass.
She was the first female DJ to play main stage sets and get paid the same as her male colleagues and in doing so,

led her to be the first woman to have her own drum and bass label Propa Talent.

She sold over 3 million records worldwide, with major signings with Sony, Columbia & Ministry of Sound.
Multi-genre producer critically acclaimed for her album 'Learning Curve' (4 and a half stars in Rolling Stone mag)
Collaborating with top-tier talent in the industry and was the first female Drum and bass DJ in the top 20 DJ Mag 100 list and her accolades also span far and wide into Acting, fashion, and beauty with her being the face of Calvin Klein's Dirty denim campaign and was the face of Caterpillar for Boots stores as well as multiple indie films.

You can check more of DJ Rap Here


General Levy is one of the most prolific and legendary names in rave. With a career MCing spanning 30+ years he has gathered a multitude of success across those 3 decades.
“Incredible” the track that put him on the map is a staple within the jungle and drum and bass scene and is still played to this day worldwide in clubs and national radio.
His music career has brought him over a million followers across social media and close to 100 million streams across the web.

All of this culminated in him winning the “Outstanding Male Contribution to Music Award” at the first annual London Camber black excellence awards, which also led to appearing on Channel 5’s “The Evolution of Black British Music” with a focus on his story within the Jungle Music journey he has had, Levy holds the highest viewed and most viral video on Radio 1 Xtra from his historic moment with Grime Legends BBK.

It's taken over 30 years to make this happen, and now it has. in 1 monumental collaboration of sounds, styles, and cultures bringing together as 1, On Propa Talent. `General Levy & Dj Rap - Life Of The Party` Produced by DJ Rap, General Levy starts things off on this one with his ever recognizable vocals leading the way for the tearing bass stabs and Pads.

Levy drops his first verse, tearing, Dance floor bass & beats destroying the dance floor, a full-on club banger is now in full swing blasting out of your speakers.
The track leans wall-to-wall dancefloor, party vibes making you want the vibe to carry on and on, a truly remarkable collaboration of the minds and soul within this one and a huge hit for 2023.

Life Of The Party is available exclusively on Beatport & Spotify on November 17th and everywhere


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