Dr Meaker: Bridging the Gap Between Drum and Bass and Soul

Published on 1 June 2023 at 16:34

Dr Meaker, a renowned producer and DJ hailing from Bristol, England. With a unique style that fuses the energetic rhythms of drum and bass with the soulful essence of classic soul and reggae.

Dr Meaker, Growing up in and around Bristol, a city known for its rich musical heritage, he was exposed to a wide range of sounds and styles. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Bristol sound system culture, as well as the vibrant reggae and soul scenes, Dr Meaker developed a deep appreciation for bass-heavy beats and soulful melodies.

Dr Meaker consist of the following members: Clive Meaker (producer, keyboards & vocals) Celestine (Vocals), Tom Wheeler (Drums), Tenisha Edwards (Vocals) , Laurent John (Vocals), Ben Wood (Sax) Andrew Neil Hayes (Sax), Simon Alexander (Trumpet).

They started their journey as a Bristol-based sound system comprising of electronic and acoustic musicians. The band soon built up a strong following and quickly gained the attention of the BBC Radio 1, who gave their track ‘Rubber Gloves’ it’s debut.

Dr Meaker's breakthrough came in 2008 with the release of their critically acclaimed album, "A Lesson from the Speaker." This album showcased their ability to seamlessly blend drum and bass with elements of soul, reggae, and gospel.

The success of this album propelled Dr Meaker into the spotlight, solidifying their reputation as a genre-bending artist.

A single that followed the album, "Don't Think It's Love" featuring Romaine Smith, gained widespread recognition becoming a dancefloor anthem. 

Dr Meaker has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, These collaborations include the likes of Sian Evans, Laurent John, and Celestine, among others. Their collaborations bring together different musical backgrounds, creating a dynamic and multi-layered sound that appeals to a wide audience.

By 2014, the band released a hugely successful single with Circus Records, which led to a full album record deal. ‘Right Back’ propelled the band into mainstream success, with a UK top 40 dance hit and bags of commercial airplay.

As a live act, Dr Meaker's performances are known for their high-octane energy and infectious stage presence. Their ability to connect with the audience is unparalleled, creating an electrifying atmosphere that leaves fans craving for more. Whether it's a small underground club or a large-scale festival, Dr Meaker's live sets are guaranteed to get people moving to the rhythm.

Dr Meaker's innovative approach to music has left a lasting impact on the drum and bass and soul genres. By bridging the gap between these two distinct styles, they have introduced a new sound that has resonated with music lovers worldwide. 

Dr Meaker and Cappo D have once again joined forces, this time calling upon the incredible vocal talent of Cornwall based singer/songwriter Blaze. Together they’ve created the smooth and seductive “Love You Gently” which pays homage to the classic jungle years with a modern soulful twist.

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